Hi there, my name is Natasha. I'm a San Francisco based designer with a passion for elegant design and an enthusiasm for understanding people. I'm currently a UX Designer at CoverHound.

Studying how people interact with technology has given me a unique perspective that centers on people and why they do what they do. I believe in fully understanding what drives users in order to design and create technologies that truly impact in meaningful ways. I am passionate about applying user research methodology, design principles, and my creativity to help solve significant problems of the world.

Three Things You Should Know About Me:


I'm a curious Cat

I'm inquisitive & enthusiastic about people. I love to learn about both what drives them and what drives them crazy, so I can make products they'll truly love.


I Like Using My Noggin

I'm able to apply my creativity and knowledge of user centered design principles to real world problems to create ingenious solutions.


I Design for Change

I'm passionate about using my user experience knowledge and perspective to make a positive impact on the world. I want to create products that truly help.