PROTOTYPE: This miniature quilt has a speaker embedded in it's batting. When you press the decorative button, it plays the recording of a loved one, a story told by them about the photo in that patch.

SKETCHING: I used sketching as a brainstorming tool for ideation, using my own heirlooms as inspiration.

STORYBOARDING: I used storyboarding o help me ideate around the functionality of my heirloom. 

CONCEPT VIDEO: a short video illustrating how someone might interact with Quilted History.

Quilted History

PROJECT TYPE: Passion Project, Experience Design



This is a passion project of mine, a design for a quilt that captures family history through stories and photos, and shares them in an immersive way.

I started this project by thinking about what the word heirloom means to me. Thinking back to the heirlooms that I hold precious, I noticed that my definition includes three important characteristics. Firstly, they belonged to or were made by someone dear to me. Second, they tells a story about that person and where they came from. Finally, they make me feel closer to that person, even when they have gone. With this in mind, I set out to create an heirloom that encapsulated these three characteristics using technology to amplify them. 



This project was very personal for me. My grandmother was an incredible seamstress, who quilted me a blanket when I was born. I have always loved the immersive quality of quilts. They provide warmth and comfort, and wrapping myself up in mine reminds me of my grandmother and makes me feel closer to her.

When I was a young child she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, which progressed rather quickly. Because of this I never really got the chance to know her. I started to think about how could that quilt could make me feel closer to her even though she has passed. In exploring this I was inspired by a short voice recording of my grandfather, who also passed a few years back, I wondered how I could incorporate the sound of a loved one into an heirloom.

With theses heirlooms as inspiration I created an immersive quilt that captures stories and photographs and allows the owner to literally get wrapped up in their family's history.



For me this project taught me about using technology to amplify the human experience. It was an interesting learning experience exploring how technology can connect us in non-traditional ways.